I don’t wear sunglasses.  Never have.  And the only time I have it is usually a 3 hour or so relationship because I lose those things like I lose hair on top of my head. Well my boy Brewster was wearing these shades the other day and they looked pretty dope on him. So I asked if I could sport them for a few and he ended up giving them to me.
I’ll be the first to admit…I have no guidence when it comes to sunglasses style. My chubby face and large forhead do not do wonders for sunglasses and I.
So I’m asking you…
Keep the glasses or go with something else?

Photo on 2010-03-01 at 14.49
[my best attempt at an angled smooch flirt lip face that all the Christian chicas are doing lately]

Be honest. It’s only my face we’re talking about here…