In fatherhood there are wins…and there are losses…
This my friends falls right in the middle.
It is a win because my 3 year old son now knows the devastating effects of singing Beyonce in front of his father.
It is a loss because with 6 words, I accidentally crushed his little heart!
He apparently loves the song Single Ladies by Beyonce.
Little did I know how much he loves that song.
I was simply making a point that he, in fact, is not a single lady.
And check out my daughters faces. One is pissed and one is devastated at what just transpired…

Where’s that parenting manual again?

[UPDATE – Yes I held my phone while I drove.  Just like I hold a coke can and drive. I wasn’t looking at the back of my iPhone, I was watching the road.  Just for you concerned parents. But the safe thing would have been to pass the phone to the wife. Of’ course 2 hands are better than one.]