Do you find yourself thinking about someone else’s ministry more than you think about your own?
Do you throw tweets out to “famous Christians” and stare at your time line hoping for a response?
Are you strategic about the friendships you try to build in order to use them for future leveraging of your “Christian career”?
Are you only trying to take ideas from other ministries instead of giving your ideas to smaller ones?
Do you get more excited about having a conversation with a “famous Christian” than you do about having a conversation with Jesus?
Do you spend more time reading leadership books than you spend actually leading your family?
Is your ministry more “relevant” than it is “real”?
Does everybody you socialize with know what you are talking about if you say North Point, New Spring, Saddleback, or Mars Hill?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions you are on your way to becoming a “Professional Church Person”.