Do you say things like “That church and it’s leader is an inch deep and a mile wide”?
Do you anonymously post on church leader blogs saying how full of themselves they are?
Do you say things like “Where’s the conference I can go to that will help me choose the conference I will go to?”
Do you chat about how church leaders with great production are focused more on providing a show than providing Jesus while you secretly wish you had the money for one moving light?
Do you talk smack about other church leaders period?
Do you make fun of all the affliction shirt and 7 for all mankind wearing man bag sporting pastors who attend Catalyst while your v-neck and rosary are actually just as outdated?
Do you rip on Christian bloggers for using their network to market their product while you bow at the feet of Seth Godin for doing the same thing?
Do you hate on Crowder for taking “sloppy wet kiss” out while you censor yourself for your audience everyday?

If you answered yes to a few of these then you are well on your way to becoming a “Professional Professional Church Person Hater”

Look. We are all human.
We all fall short.
But hopefully this post and the post below will help us see the line a little clearer and stop acting like the way God made “us” is any better than the way God made “them”
Because we all suck and are in need of Jesus and a professional counselor anyway.

You’re Welcome…