Thanks for everyone who filled out the survey and commented on why they should get my iPhone.
After much deliberation…
I chose where I felt the phone could be used best…
I got this in my email the other day…
Another reason I love this community…
I just got this email from some missionaries in Nicaragua.  Our church provides for two safe houses in Managua.  These missionaries get children that live in the city dump with their parents and put them in “safe houses”.  They are then able to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and spiritual instruction.  They also provide medical care for the people (about 2000 people) who live in the dump.  If you have not given your iPhone away yet I would take it to them when we go March 20 if you were willing to give it to me.  Here is the email I got:
Robert,I don’t’ know if anyone in your church has upgraded their iphone and have their old one sitting around.  But if you do, we would like to buy it.  We can unlock them down here.

The reason is Elizabeth works in the dump making nursing rounds three days a week attending to pregnant moms and new borns as well as random sicknesses.  She keeps data on three different sources (photo, med, gen. info) and the iphone would help her to consolidate it.   It would be a HUGE blessing!

I know it is late notice, but if you could put the word out in the church….we will buy it for the going rate.  It doesn’t matter which generation iphone.

Thanks Roberto,

Let me know what you think! @johnsonrn on twitter.

Robert Johnson
Director of Family Ministries & Strategic Systems
The Journey Church
Murray, KY 42071


Game Set Match…
Going in the mail tomorrow…

Oh.  And if you are still reading.  I’m going to be giving away a BRAND NEW iPod Touch tomorrow.  See you here!!!!!!!!!