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Tyler Stanton is meek. He is mild. He is also ruthlessly funny.
Funny people normally piss me off because they, well, are funnier than me. And that makes me mad. Oh. and they are not normally meek and mild. That sounds like a water park ride or an adult store.
See. I’m not funny.
And I know I’m going to get emails saying I shouldn’t say piss. Here is my response so you don’t have to write it…
“Hey! Sorry I offended you. Have a great day! Los”
He is the better looking half of the Tripp and Tyler duo.
Although when I introduce them I always say Tyler and Tripp.
Here is the deal.
Tyler just published a book.
He did it on his own.
No publisher.
Just a all in one scanner and a slew of trapper keepers to bind them together.
In all seriousness this book is brilliant.

Everyday Absurdities Book Promo from Tyler Stanton on Vimeo.

And again. Self published. He cut all 17 middlemen out and pulled this off on his own.
I did For Sale By Owner 2 houses ago. Never Again.
Props to you Tyler.
Spread the word…Buy the book…



Nuts and Bolts Conference.
It is going to cost you more in gas to get to this conference than the conference.
Here’s the deal.
Oak Leaf Church is doing it right.
I get the privileged of working alongside these guys on a monthly basis and they are one of the best kept secrets in church planting world.
June 26th 2010. $10. Be there.

I’m all about the hustlers.
And these friends of mine are hustlin…
After you go buy the book and register for the conference
Tell me…

What person or organization is out there hustlin that we need to know about?