Just being honest here…

So I have 2 unbelievably beautiful girls.
They are still at the age where they crawl up on me in the middle of the night and spoon me from both sides.
But the time is nearing an end. I can feel Justin Bieber slowly stealing them away.
But above all of that, I am freaked out about one thing.
Well really 2 things.
Actually, if you count both of them, 4 things.
What the crap am I going to do when they get boobs?
I’m not kidding.
I watch men whose kids are growing them.
They pretty much just give up at that point.
How did you handle that happening?
How did your parents handle your beginning boob stage?
Was it really the most awkward and strange period of your life?
Help this father 2 little girls not tie his daughters up and leave them in the top of the castle from age 13 till 34.

How did you handle the boobs or how did your parents handle that time in your life?