You have dreams for your kids.  Your parents had dreams for you.
Sure. The right thing to say is that you just want them to be happy and chase their own dreams.
But nope. Not me. If my child one day dreams of dancing on a pole…Happiness on a pole is not in my hopes for them.
So you can throw that piece of Gaussian blur soft focus parenting advice out the window.
My hope for my oldest, my 2nd grader, Sohaila, is that she one day makes Taylor Swift’s Grammy collection look like a child’s aquarium compared to the ocean of Grammy’s Sohaila will be swimming in.
I also hope and dream that she will crush the hearts of prepubescent teen boys everywhere as she tells them that the only man she needs in her life right now is her daddy.
Heather, my human paxil, the calm in my storms, has different dreams.
She dreams that her kids will snowboard, water ski, and adventure race.
My wife feels the most connected to God when she is doing these things and I know deep down she prays her kids will as well.
Every once in a while it happens.
You see your dream in them come true. Most of the time you capture a picture of your child fulfilling your dream for them. They don’t think much of it but you stare at it for hours.
Then every once in a while you get a picture like this one.
First Time Ski With Mom Looking On
It captures the dream giver and the dream achiever in one shot.
The look on Heathers face is almost greater than the achievement of Sohaila getting up on skis for the first time.
Isn’t it so true?
That the look of amazement from the Dream Giver is always greater than the amazement of the dream getter.

God has placed His dream inside of you.
He is waiting, watching, guiding, and anticipating your success.  His face will light up 1,000,000 times brighter than Heathers face in this shot.
So what is it?
What dream has He placed inside of you?