It was hot.
I was outside.
I was dripping.
I am bald.
Sweat drips faster.
I’m standing next to Brett Stanfill on a stage facing a few thousand people.
We are going for it and wrapping up the first set.
One of the amazing volunteers this weekend at the Engage Atlanta celebration even kept bringing us towels dipped in ice water.
I would set my guitar down and wring those bad boys over my dome.
I would suck the water out of it.
I would do anything possible to get that cold water on my face and in my throat.
Then I would put that sweaty, dripping, cold, rag down.

I looked to my left.
Here she came.
Right in the middle of a song.
She patiently waited until it was over…Cheers…shouts…Then she yelled…”HEY!”
I looked left…”I saw that rag. Could I borrow it? I’m hot as hell.”…Um…sure…
So I walked over to her and she wiped that bad boy across her face without missing a pore.
Next set.
Sun beating…85% Humidity…97 degrees…Fists pumping…Feet jumping…Finish set…Walk to bass players riser…sit down…leek left…
Cute little 8 year old comes walking up to me, while I’m on stage, while Brian is delivering a convicting message…”Hey! Hey! This is from my mom”
I look behind him and see sweat rag borrower smiling sweetly in my direction.
I look down at the card and there it was…

A bold move that not many women would attempt.
I’ll call it the Hit On The Worship Leader Before He Even Gets Off Stage move.

I looked back left and smiled like a married man should and tucked the card in my pocket determined not to let this derail my next set.
The band, Rachel, Brett, and I went for it. It was a great set. 90 minutes after we started we finished and I tried to pack up as quickly as I could but to no avail…I had to face the bold card giver.
She said…”So…?”
“I’m married with 3 kids and love them all. Sorry. But thanks for making a brown guy blush”
“You love your three kids? So do I. But do you love your wife?”
“Oh. Um. By all I meant ALL. Like the wife too…”
“Oh OK. Well it was worth a shot.” she said.
She turned away when I grabbed her, turned her towards me, grabbed her face, no just kidding…
But I did tell her that I think handing me the card was rad.

Most of us would NEVER be that brave, and she knows what she wants.
I told her I have LOTS of great single Christian guy friends who would be privileged to have her number.
Hindsight, in an opportunity to make the situation less bazaar I should have refrained from this comment, seeing that I talk a lot and like to stuff a lot back in my mouth.
When she walked away I thought to myself…I’m such a freaking wuss.
My cajones are frijoles.
I need to be that brave. We all do.

Whats the last thing you did that took some stones?