So I have been dragging my feet on this.
Over the next few days I am going to be slowly but surely unfriending ALMOST everybody in my facebook personal account.
So this means like 99% of you.
Let me tell you why…
I need at least one personal space. Just one.
One where I can be a little crude…oh wait, that happens here.
One where I can share dark secrets…oh wait, that happens here.
See. You won’t miss a thing. And really you wont.
And seeing that there is a limit of 5000 friends on your personal page, I was starting to have to say, “Sorry I don’t have room” to friends and family that are just getting on facebook that I want to connect with.

There are many ways in which you guys can stay connected to my innermost thoughts and crazy life.
1. This blog – For you readers who I love and stop by here everyday, this is ground zero. Those who just follow me on twitter and facebook are missing the good stuff. This right here is the good stuff. The meat. So stick around and you won’t miss a thing.
2. My twitter – This is the random crap. The stuff that happens every few hours and all the good secret ninja pics I take of people sitting next to me on planes. If you haven’t started following me on twitter, these pics are worth the follow alone. My facebook personal page was almost an exact duplicate of my twitter feed. So many of you were seeing things twice anyways.
3. My facebook “Carlos Whittaker” page. This page does not limit me to 5000 friends. And it pretty much does EVERYTHING my personal page does. I’m also linking my twitter feed there so you honestly will miss absolutely NOTHING.

1. I hope by doing this anyone who want to keep connecting with me on the topics of my blog and music will still have a place to do so (not limited by the 5000 number)
2. friends and family will have a more relevant place to connect with me
3. I will feel slightly less torn each day about what to post (and what not to post) on my personal page.

If you want to stay connected on facebook it is EASY.
Just click

I’m sure I’m going to accidentally defriend some people I don’t want to.  With 5000 people to go through it is bound to happen… Please just add me again and we can continue our virtual spooning process.

I think that this is going to be great for me and just know you wont miss a thing by hanging out HERE on facebook!

So how do you guys handle your Facebook profiles? Who do you let in? Not let in? How do you manage it all?