So here’s the deal. Eric and I go way back. I met him in my Cali days at Sandals. And he’s the real deal, he gets it.

The guy understands that the masks have to come off and we’ve got a lot of work to do if the church is really going to impact our current culture.

Eric has just written a book called, “Not Like Me” .  The book breaks down how people of faith can effectively love, serve, and reach people who have been overlooked by the church.

It’s honest. It’s lighthearted.  It’s not just information. Eric has lived this.

I love what he says, “There is a call to move past the barriers that stand between us and those who might be different… Jesus didn’t just tolerate people; he embraced them all with love.” (smokers, drinkers, over eaters…)

I’ve got 5 copies of this book to give away.  Want one? I’ll pick 5 random readers Friday at midnight. All you have to do is leave a comment and share a story of a relationship you’ve built with someone who is not like you.

Maybe it’s your smoking youth pastor, or a drunkard outside the convenient store…  How have you learned to embrace them?