Saturdays on blogs suck.
I admit it.
I add to the suckiness.
So I am going to start sharing some creative finds I have stumbled upon during my week here on the blog on Saturday.
Stop by on the weekends and enjoy a few good links.

1.Holstee Wallets – These wallets are made from recycled trash found on the streets of New Delhi. Rad concept. Great cause. Nice looking wallet.


2. Creative and Helpful Logo Design Tutorials – Everybody loves a good design. These guys have found the best logos out there and dissected how they were made and how to recreate them…


3. A Snapshot of Humanity: 30 Amazing Portrait Photographs – This post made me decide to start a new blog this fall. Concept coming soon…


4. 5 Ways to Build Your Blog’s Voice – The ProBlogger team are just that. Pros. And they have great words of wisdom for you blogging newbies and vets. Good stuff.

5. Single Skull – Minimalist design always attracts me. And somehting about this simple small skull moves the minimalist rick and roller inside me.


There you go.
Be inspired…