…While you’re really saying YES.
As creatives in the church we constantly create for one day.
This bad boy comes every 7 days.
So we rush…
Some of your most creative ideas SHOULD take a long time to create.
Or you will just cheat the idea that God placed inside of you.
Take this stop motion film for example.
NO post production.
They shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again.
NO post production.
They could have just laid one on top of the other and had a great film.
But they went a step beyond.
They believed their product deserved what happens at 2:30 into the film.
A creative 10 seconds that probably took an hour of ladders and string.
And it was magical.
Do you believe what you are creating for deserves this sort of detail?
Or is Sunday getting in the way of your vision?

Take your time.
Say things to your pastor like…”That is an amazing idea. Let’s move that sermon series back 4 months so we can do that like it should be done or use it for another Sunday!”
And stop creating for your Sunday deadlines or once again, death will be what happens to your creativity.

Go create…