I was chatting with my great friend and confidant Ben Arment today.
We had a fun little banter on twitter before it went to Direct Messages.
I told him something that has been chewing at me for quite some time in a tongue and cheek kind of way.
Something that has been bothering me about church.
He sent me this back.

I replied with a typical…yea yea, I can’t.
Then I re read my answer to him and got nauseous.
“Hi Mr. Authenticity Carlos Whittaker. You are lame.”
The truth is I can.
I just don’t want to ruffle feathers and I want everybody to like me.
Oh that freaking curse.

I can only imagine that when we stop caring so much about having everybody like us and start speaking the truth in love to people who we think need to hear it we could actually start changing the way people view church and maybe see something called revival.

What have you kept quiet about too long and would like to speak out loud for the sake of His Glory and His bride?
What NEEDS to be said?