I suffer with anxiety.
Like right now for instance.
My heart is beating really fast and I’m dizzy.
My hands are a bit numb and so is my face.
I fear that I will lose control.

The truth is I won’t lose control.
That’s because I am not in control.
So I don’t have it to lose.
I only think I am.

You have your thing.
You are fighting so hard to maintain control of it.
It might not take the form of anxiety.
But it takes the form of something.
Something that you take “control” of that belongs to God.

The manifestation is not the sin.
My anxiety symptoms are not the sin.
Your depression symptoms is not the sin.
Your constant focus on the problem is not the sin.
They are symptoms of the sin.
The sin of wanting to be God in your life instead of letting God be God.

So instead of praying for God to clean the cobwebs out of your life.
Just ask God to kill the spider.

Kill the spider.