Most Christians I am around now drink.
It’s become OK in the church circles I run in.
I definitely now know more who do than don’t.
They do in public…private…
It’s. Just. Normal.
Which is fine.
Then I have this other group of friends…
They smoke.
See. You were about to be OK with them if they smoked a cigar but when I typed cigarettes you stepped back away from the keyboard.
They are the hiders.
They feel like they have to hide their smoking from their Christian friends…
Their Christian…drinking…friends.

I think it was backwards 50 years ago.
Deacons would hang out during the singing on the patio puffin away then pull out the bottle when the door was locked and neighbors were asleep.
We all know the bottle or the sticks will both kill you sooner than later.
Why does the current version of church people gladly approve a scotch while we look down upon a Marlboro?
Just asking the question.
I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.
I have mine and will spill it with yours in the comment section.
But I would love to hear yours.
Smoker? Non Smoker? Drinker? Non Drinker?

Why does the church community look the way it does on smoking?
And do you or did you ever smoke?