In light of the AMAZING conversation that is being had about 14 pixels below this post…and let me highlight AMAZING because you guys have been pretty well behaved…
Talk to me about this cartoon.
Lots of people disgusted by the smell of smoke.
Lots of people repelled by the health risks of smoking.
Lots of people not hip with second hand smoke.

Replace smoke and smoking with a Big Mac.
Just as “deadly” as smoking
Just as “nasty” as smoking
Yet WAY more accepted.

I mean there are Krispy Kreme donuts in 76.43434% of churches on any given Sunday morning.
No one is on me when I order my Big Gulp from 7 Eleven and walk into church with it.
But if I lit up (and let it be known I do not smoke, I appreciate being married to Heather too much and she would drop me like it’s hot) after I drank that Big Gulp I’d get fired from many of your churches.

Talk food and fat in the church…