I’m an Orange Dad.
I know what you are thinking…I’m brown.
But I’m not.
I’m Orange.
Why you ask?
Because I believe in the Orange Essentials.

Here’s the deal.
I have 3 kids.

All three of them are unique in the way that God has crafted them.
All three of them take a unique style of parenting.
All three of them can be set loose to follow God with the curriculum and ideals behind Orange.
These kids are the world to me.
I want to see them spring to Jesus however that looks.
Falling, stumbling, jumping, laughing, crying, puking, singing, screaming.
However they get there.
I want to help them.
And Reggie Joyner and his team have what I believe is the best way to do that.
They study the child.
They study wonder and put it in a way that I could never.

If parents would only realize how they bore their children. -George Bernard Shaw

I need all the help I can get, and I choose to follow the Orange model to pull that off.
So here is the plea.
If you are a church worker or volunteer…you need to know that I understand that you feel left out of the big show a lot.
You do the grunt work and get hardly a pat on the back when the parents pick you up.
You deal with kids that are on drugs and everyone is talking about how cool the Sunday morning cover song was.
I get it.
And I have just the opportunity for you to let it all out.
The Orange Conference.
Because you deserve all the training, friends, and fun that takes place there.
April 27th-28th you need to fly or drive your butt down to my city and hang with me and a bunch of crazy people dressed in Orange that want to inspire and fill you with the wonder Christ has placed inside you.
Trust me.
Are you ready?

Now tell me one thing…
How important are those who teach our children about Jesus?