Like I said before…
For 9 years at Sandals Church, in the grunt, in the hustle, going it with mostly volunteers, I would literally pray I could get an hour with someone who has done what I was trying to do b4.
I would beg, borrow, and I’m sure steal to get those moments.
I’d drive 40 minutes to Saddleback to meet with Rick Muchow and Justin Adams.
I would take a pad of paper and a pen and go at them.
Poor guys.
I went to the conferences and most of the time, would leave with great information that would make me more dangerous than useful.
I needed more. I wanted more. And I got more.
And here I sit. For almost 2 years I have sat in what I would consider the Creative Leadership Academy of America.
Or Buckhead Church. 🙂
I don’t think I’m Mr. God’s Gift To Creative Heads. But I do feel like God had blessed me with knowledge and aptitude when it comes to leading creative teams and individuals.

So. That being said. I’m continuing on my network for Creatives.
Quite simple. All video chat. Me, you, a few others.
These teams, myself included, will meet once a month for an hour, via video chat so we can all see each others beautiful faces and get our assignment and such.
Then I will meet one on one with you via video chat for an hour later that month for one on one coaching and all out Q and A.

It all starts in October. It is not for everyone. So there is an application and a commitment.
I realize there is a need for creatives to network and grow.
All the details and application are here.

I pray that if you are willing, you would jump in head first.
It’s better that way.

This round is 3 months for Oct-Dec.  Get your Christmas ideas and 2011 ideas in order peeps…