Before the church had “offices”, which was not very long ago, the ministers were out in the community doing “church”
Offices are important in a sense that it allows meetings to happen and stuff to get done.
But there is so much great space around you that you are missing out on.
And guess what is inside that space?
Local business owners who are not going to your church.
People who are not going to your church.
People who are not coming the Sunday service that you are planning while you are inside your church offices.
So what if your church implemented a policy that you must work 25 hours from the office and 15 hours outside the office?
I would think that the same amount of work IF NOT MORE could get done.

And you would accidentally get more work done in the community than you have ever before.
Maybe I’m just an idealistic romantic dreamer.
Maybe, or maybe I’m right and you are working way too much inside the church when you are supposed to be outside it.
Would this work in your situation?