Being a dad is one of the greatest joys in my life.
I’ve got 3 amazing kids…8…6…and 4 with hope of adopting 2 more.
And when we are together as a family it just works…It clicks…
But something happens when Heather leaves.
No matter how hard I prepare, how hard I try, it just all falls apart.
Kinda like this video.
Mom just went for some ice cream and, well…

Here are the things that go through my head and life when Heather disappears for a day or an hour, or even a few minutes.
1. Where are the freaking zip locks?
2. I thought the grassy hill would make Losiahs bike roll slower?
3. How many episodes of iCarly can they watch until it is deemed child abuse?
4. Your hungry? We had lunch a while ago?  What?  We didn’t eat lunch?  Oh crap.  Sorry.
5. Your stuffed pig is not lonely tonight baby. I know we can’t find him but it’s a toy. It doesn’t have feelings… Oh crap.  Sorry
6. I know mom doesn’t do it that way.
7. It’s called the UFC. You can either watch this with daddy or take a nap.
8. Why is my iPhone dead? KIIIIIIIDS!!!!!
9. Man, why are there so many dishes in the sink? There are never this many dishes in the sink?
10. It’s NAP TIME! (2 hours later)…Daddy…we woke up an hour ago…Daddy…Wake up daddy…

Can I Get A Witness!!!
Can I Get A Witness!!!
What are some things that go through YOUR mind when the REAL BOSS is away?