So this morning I got some people frazzled.
Which is good.
But I wanted to clarify, and clarify is the wrong word, make known LOUDLY the point again.
The point was not to say that sharing the redemption story of your marriage is bad.
We just don’t have enough people who have avoided the pitfalls so many of us fall into speaking into our marriages and lives.
My GREAT friends…
Like long conversations into the night friends…
Meghan, Jenni, Cindy
They have walked both sides of this issue and write unbelievable stories of Gods working hand in their marriages and lives.
That is their story to tell and God WANTS them to tell it.
I just know, and they ALL would agree, that there is NOT NEAR enough people speaking to the ways they have AVOIDED these things.
Trust me…Heather and I could have our own week of how Carlos almost screwed the marriage up for you to see.
But instead of letting you know what a dumb#!@! I was, and how gracious she still is, I thought I’d let you guys throw some models of consistency and great marraiges our way so we can find those people online.

Just thought I would throw that out there.

Changing NOTHING from what I wrote before but adding a few words to your flava…
In order to become something you study the something you want to become.
Get it?