There is lots of talk about affairs and marriages restored online lately.
Either A. More Christians are having affairs or B. More Christians are talking about their affairs.
I’m picking B.
I think it is great to read these stories and learn from those mistakes.
I also think most people read them for the same benefit one watches Jersey Shore or Real Hose Wives of Nova Scotia…
Pure train wreck drama.
Now the great things about my friends and their stories is that there is a story of redemption in the end.
In some way shape or form.
Lot’s of people are helped by our problems and our solutions.
It is GOOD to write about these things.

BUT. (Big But…Like Sir Mixalot Big But)

I  think that in order to truly grow in our marriages we need to be learning from those who have done it WELL.
No marriage is perfect. We know that.
But we need to be hearing from couples who have AMAZING marriages that have not been jeopardized by cheating or other moral failures.
Here is the problem.
A. That’s no fun to read about.
B. I can’t find the blogs because no one is talking about them.
I’ve got lots of blogs to read where I know what NOT to do.
I just would like to find the blogs where I learn what TO DO.
So I’m issuing a decree…
Hear Ye Hear Ye Ragamuffins!!!
Who out there has AMAZING marriages that we can learn from and where are they at?
They don’t even have to have a blog!
I just want to know they exist!!!

Talk to me.