I have worked in creative church leadership for 13 years.  I have visited MANY churches in that time as well. Now a year after I left full time church staff work I have found myself asking some questions that didn’t really pop in my head while working in the church.

Which is a problem in itself.

1. Should a church service really be designed targeting a particular demographic?
2. Will programming a service in 5 years include preachers skydiving into the auditorium while dodging rabid dogs in order to entertain the parishioners and keep them inviting their friends?
3. Who will replace Billy Graham as the most humble and most successful preacher in the world?
4. Should you actually live and do life NEAR the church you are working for?
5. What would it look like if all the churches in a one square mile area poured all their resources together to change their communities instead of using them to convince people to come to their Sunday morning event?

These are the things that rattle in my head at 1:15 am.
Thoughts on any of my mind wanderings?