When Alan Hirsch quotes me at 3:50 in the video above it takes me back to the green room a few minutes before I spoke.
I looked at Alan and said…”Man. I’m a worship leader. Not a speaker. I don’t know if what I have to say to these people is needed.”
He looked me square in the eye and said…”These people need to hear from a prophetic heart…And yours is that. Go tell them these things”.
So I did.
For 50 minutes.
And I thank Alan for his simple yet profound words that freed me to tell truths that God had laid on my heart…

One of the things I NEVER wanted to do is speak. It scares the hell out of me but I feel like I’ve got stuff to say.
Now following Francis Chan on the main stage and then preceding Alan Hirsch might not be what is best for my stomach.
I ran to the bathroom lots that day.
But God is calling us to bigger things…
And no amount of pepto is going to change His call.

What is the BIG thing you are scared of that you know you need to do?