Many of you have seen this.
But I can watch it over and over.

Everything in it is beautiful. From the child narrator’s haunting voice, the the shot selection, to the topic at hand.
And all from a company that wants me to buy some jeans.
Everything in me wants me to believe that Levi‘s is a company set on helping explorers find new frontiers.
And they may be.
But they also want me to buy jeans.

It makes me think that I want to make sure I am creating for purpose as opposed to recognition.
If recognition comes out of a purpose then fine.
But the church needs not try and make a name for herself and we are not called to market her.
We are called to create for His renown.
Let’s creatively explore every facet of what He has given us.

People think there aren’t frontiers anymore. They can’t see how frontiers are all around us.