There are moments in life where you walk up to something and you can’t believe your eyes.
Like there is NO way that this dream is sitting right in front of you.
No way.
You look around.
You look for a hidden camera.
Nothing. Nada.
It’s true.
It is really there.
You start convincing yourself that this dream is maybe not for you.
Maybe somebody left it there.
So you wait. Sit. Stare. Dream. What if? What if?
You don’t dare touch it.
Almost as if you believe that if you touch it, it will go away.
Then you see someone walking towards you.
He gets to the dream, looks around, and in 2 seconds picks it up.
Done deal. He gets to live your dream. And your fear of God not wanting His all for you has paralyzed you to pick up what He created for you.
That gift of a dream.
So today…When you walk past that dream…
Don’t leave it sitting there.
It’s yours.
It’s better that way.