These last few months, ok, this whole year has pretty much been ridiculous. 2011 is creeping up and my mind is a blurr.

Seriously, what city am I in?

So, yeah, my life has been under huge transition- but you guys have been my constant. (Yes, a LOST reference) In 2010, the Ragamuffinsoul community has done some huge things. In the midst of my chaos, we still have conversations that stretch my mind and increase my heart. This year we have prayed for each other. This year we have dreamed together. This year my son became a Youtube rockstar. This year you guys made my debut album hit #1 on freaking iTunes. That still just blows my mind.

But I want more.

I want something bigger.

I want us to leave a mark on this year that can’t ever be erased.

Something we can do together that we could never do alone.

I have a plan. A big one.

So get ready, my plan will be revealed in just a few days.

Stay tuned Ragamuffins…cause it’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong.