Seems like the word of the week is hope.
I feel like I’m surrounded by it. Writing songs about it. No matter the situations I face, the challenges in front of me, I am immersed in hope.

What is hope?
The belief that tomorrow can be better than today.

Nothing could describe it better than this video.

This video is taken at a celebration. This boy’s community just received clean water.

A dance of hope.

We’ve raised over $6300, we’ve build over 25 teams with our challenge. Our teams are working together to bring clean water to Malindi, Uganda.

I’ve spent this week with my friend Martin from Uganda.
My passion has been fueled.
My heart has been stirred.
My eyes have been opened.
To hope.

We have to bring it.

It’s easy, text WMI to 85944 donates $10 via your cell phone bill.

A simple gesture.
A gesture of hope.

Join my team.

Team leaders, it’s time to rev up our game.  Challenge: grow your team by 10 people… tomorrow.

So more kids can do the dance of hope.