So a while back I was told by a church that they were not going to book me to lead worship anymore because, along with a few other reasons, I was a bit too energetic (dancing, jumping, ect.) and I don’t align as a worship leader with their target demographic.
I don’t care who you are.
When somebody tells you they don’t want you anymore, it sucks.
Now, the truth is, most churches book me BECAUSE I have more energy than they know what to do with and I speak into the hearts of their people while teaching them how to connect to God through music.
Yet the humanity in me wants to conform to this churches needs in order to get “booked”.
Be a little more vanilla.
Problem is…I’m mocha with a bit of Tabasco sprinkled in for some kick.

In those moments you have a choice as an artist…
Conform to the wants of the consumer, or keep your God given ethos intact by maintaining the integrity of who you are as a reflection of Christ.
But when you choose latter…you choose to trust in God and not man.
And when you choose that, you always win because although the paycheck might not be there…the gifting remains…

So, all that to say…
Not everybody is gonna shake to your rhythm.
There is a reason vanilla is the most popular flava of ice cream out there.
It’s safe.
And safe is a good flava.
But if God has not created you to be safe…
Then living inside of safe is living outside of God.

Don’t dilute the flava God made ya…