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I’m going to keep this short, as to not say anything I will regret in the morning.
1. This is not a good idea. Just ask the Mexican restaurant listed on the naughty list…
2. I would like to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting where one of the largest churches in Dallas decided to provide a forum where people can rip on non Christian businesses. The meeting was probably too long. I suggest stand up meetings with no chairs so you talk about the stuff you need to talk about and this might have never happened.
3. See this post.
4. In all reality, this is probably just a bad idea that got accidentally put on the good idea board. I’d gladly take that staff through my ideation workshop for free to make sure they hit the “Hesitate” phase (phase 3) before they hit the “Adopt” phase (phase 4). 😉 They can sign up here…
5. I have had plenty of Bad Ideas see the light of day. A quick, “delete post” or “delete domain” can solve a mess of problems.
6. Sometimes a good or cute idea might be just that. Just because everyone nods and chuckles in a meeting does not mean you should execute it.
7. This is just one man’s opinion of this idea. You may think it is a great idea. But it’s my blog so I get to tell you that I think it is a horrible idea. And it’s your blog too so you get to tell me if it;s a good or bad idea.   And it’s their website so they get to tell businesses if they are naughty or nice and show the love of Jesus.
8. I’m offended they used the Grinch. Do they not know the Grinch is based on the 16th century fable of Satan crawling down chimneys and stealing the souls of little children in the Eastern European village of Kagikstonen?
9. …I said I’d keep this short

Should we put them on the naughty or nice list?