A few years back I did a post about my digital toolbox and what it takes to make what I do happen.
Well things have changed, jobs have changed, passions have changed…
So obviously, the toolbox has changed…
I keep my creative/social media zen by using these tools on a daily basis.
Here is the new Christmas 2010 version of the Ragamuffin Digital toolbox.

15? Macbook Pro. 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5 Duo GLOSSY Screen 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3?500 GB Hard Drive
iPhone4 32GB
• iPad 64BG – I never used this consumption device.  It is an amazing toy and book reader right now.  But until I can edit videos and songs it’s dead to me. 🙂
My Passport Essential SE 1TB – Backup my junk like nobody’s business. Especially after my last machine died
Incase Coated Canvas Black Backpack – I can’t say enough

TOOLS (online)
• Google – This is my home base. Within this landing zone are my Google Apps…
Gmail, ?Google Reader, ?Google Calendar, ?Google Docs, Google Voice.
I seriously run my life off these apps.
Freshbooks – It’s how I bill you yo
Tokbox – All my group coaching sessions are done thru this…
• Wordpress – Obviously it’s where I live on the back end of ragamuffinsoul.com.  I don’t use an offline editor.
MobileMe – Share Share Share.  It syncs my world and files and everything else.


• Skype – All my one on one coaching sessions are done thru this…
• iChat – duh
Aperture – Habit.  I use it to touch up the RAW files before moving to Photoshop
• Photoshop – I’ll do a post on the plugins and actions I use soon do get the look I like…
• Mail – Love/Hate. I do use lots of scripts to workflow my junk.
Quicksilver – I meet people who still don’t use this and am blown away.  It makes me a Mac Speed Ninja.
Wallet – Passwords.  I’m already losing my mind in my thirties.
Transmit – FTPness.  The most powerful Mac client I can find.
Evernote – If you get anything from this list.  Get this.  It is my life.
iShowU – Screen Capture.  All my video screen captures ect.  But it is tripping on my a bit lately. I’d love to know what you guys use on this end.  But it has worked for so long I don’t know what else is out there.
• Tweetdeck – Not my favorite but it integrates tweetshrink and I use that religiously…
iMovieHD – The 2006 version. Yup. I know I should use Final Cut. But I cant afford it. And iMovie has progressively sucked since 2006. So I stay faithful.

TOOLS (iPhone)

• The Essentials // Phone/SMS/Mail/Safari/Camera/iPod
HeyTell – It turns my iPhone into an old nextel push to talk phone. It is the greatest thing that has happened to my communication skills since text messaging. I love it
Instagram – Besindes the really bad filters it applies to really bad photos…I actually LOVE the small community it creates within the app itself. Since I am flooded with people on Facebook and Twitter this reletively smalll community makes the world seem small again. I like that
Quadcamera – It is how I take all those 4 shots in a rectangle pics on my twitter stream.
• Facebook – Because I have to. 🙂
Twittelator Pro – I’ve tried them all. I keep coming back to mama. I think this is the powership of iPhone twitter apps. I can’t say enough good things about it
Evernote – Seriously. 64,000 notes. All searchable. I drop ideas in this religiously. Syncs to the web and to my Mac. Boomsauce.

Wow. So there you have it. My digital toolbox.
I hope this helps you guys find something useful.
These are the programs that shape my day.
Let’s make the comment section of this post our digital Home Depot.
Share your wealth of tools…


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