3 years ago I attended my very first Catalyst Conference.
I attended all 3 days.
The labs plus the main sessions.
It changed something in me.
It made me believe that I’m not in this alone.
I even wrote a somewhat negative review of one of the labs I attended and Brad himself contacted me asking to have lunch and wondering how to make them better.
I was sold.
The uplifting sessions/relational building/jaw dropping moments make for a great three days.
Now imagine that in Southern Cali.
Now Imagine ONE DAY in Orlando.

I’m giving away 2 ducketts to the Catalyst West Coast LABS right now.
[NOTE. THIS IS TO LABS DAY ONLY. NOT TO THE 2 MAIN EVENT DAYS. But labs alone are worth it] I’m ALSO giving away 2 ducketts to the Catalyst ONE DAY in Orlando.
All you have to do is tweet this.
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And then comment below telling me which event you would like to win ducketts to.

I’ll pick on Thursday.  Good luck.
Now tweet and then tell me which one you want tix to.