click. click. click. click. click. reverse. rain. tired. drive. left. sing. Taylor.  Swift. again. rain. left. drive. empty. streets. 4 blocks. home. sing. mind. numb. tired. puddles. road. wet. stop sign. stop. right. sing. giggles. stop sign. left. sing. Swift. again. giggles. home. one block. intersection. normal. everything. giggles. song. light. green. bright. left. God. No. Please. Babies. Please. yell. crunch. Heather. face. terror. silence. spin. spin. spin. horror. heart. silence. stop. screams. one. screams. two. screams. three. Thank. You. God. pain. screams. calm. Heather. face. tears. worry. doors. open. loud. screams. terror. children. Be. Calm. climb. out. hold children. “LISTEN”. “WHAT HURTS?!!!”. tears. crying. rain. cold. Samaritans. coats. umbrellas. eyes. scared. tears. sirens. driver. out. tears. scared. peace. Seanna. “Are We Going To Die?!” Me. Yes. But. Not. Today. Hold. Shaking. Ambulance. Fire Truck. Losiah. Pain. Stomach. Ambulance. Parents. Friends. fear. worry. God. peace. worry. God. peace. pain. why? questions. car. totaled. daughter. protected. shaking. Losiah. better. OK. cops. lucky. Really. Lucky. rain. cold. calm. peace. pass. understand. sore. kids. grandparents. wife. gone. home. alone. rain. car. dad. sit. curb. face. hands. tears. tears. sobs. sobs. out. of. control. hand. back. words. father. prayer. father. to. Father. 68. dad. 36. son. head. chest. cry. comfort. father. “It’s OK son”. father. peace. up. walk. home. kids. sleep. kiss. kiss. kiss. wife. pray. breathe. breathe. breathe. life. not. in. our. control. live. hard. today.

It’s better that way.