Carlos Whittaker-Calibrate 2010 from Calibrate NW on Vimeo.

I was nervous.
I was pinned as a keynote speaker between Francis Chan and Alan Hirsch.
What were they thinking?
I lead worship.
I don’t normally communicate with words put together longer than 90 seconds.
But for some reason God allowed me to share my heart with the folks at the Calibrate Conference in Seattle this fall.
Right before I went out Alan told me to be myself and deliver the prophetic word God had given me.
It was the nudge I needed.
And I feel like it was received well.
It was disturbing.
It was disrupting.
The main talk starts right at 9:30 seconds after a short interview.

I hope you get something out of it.
I have hesitated putting this up online because I am around amazing communicators every week and I am obviously not used to it.
But God can use a donkey.
And so he used a Carlitos.