Let’s face it.
We are all at different stages in life.
Some of us are married with kids and broke. 🙂
Some of us are married with no kids and rich.
Some of us are single with kids.
Some of us are divorced with kids and making it paycheck to paycheck.
Some of us are living in our parents basement. (Which is actually a great idea. I’m trying to figure out how to pull that off myself)
We are a ragtag group of peeps.
The Whittakers?
I’d describe us as this.

The Whittakers are a happy family of five who are self employed, paycheck to paycheck yet seeing God’s sovereignty as we commonly say things like “How the hell are we going to pay rent this month?” only to then say things like…”I had no idea that check was coming…”. We are happy. Healthy. And living the dream baby.
So let’s encourage each other with our own place and story.

If you had to describe your stage in life, how you you describe it?