When I teach my kids about love I won’t have them watch The Notebook and then talk about it.
I’m not going to let them watch You’ve Got Mail and then hand Sohaila a bouquet of pencils.
Although, c’mon Hanks. You pulled that off well.

When I talk to them about love I’m not going to tell them that LOVE is a feeling.
I’m not going to tell them that LOVE is a choice.

I’ll tell them what it is.
I will tell them that LOVE is a weapon. It is a weapon that can can destroy HATE or rip the veil off of FEAR.
I want them to know that this amazing weapon that God gave us, LOVE, is what they will change the world with.
Then I’ll tell them I’m gonna bust a cap in their ____ everyday for the rest of their lives.
No go load that junk and go DieHard on your wife, husband, kids, partner, and dog.
It’s better that way.