As I was walking into the Mariners Church for our Catalyst West programming meeting I saw Kyle Zimmerman, Tim Timmons, and crew having a service programming meeting.
See look. There they are…

Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 2.54.18 PM

I was about to turn left when the Service Programming Director in me wanted to hug the Service Programmer Director in Kyle.
I interrupted their meeting for a hug.
Before I left I was asked…
“Los, what do you think about choirs?”

The truth is they are GONE in most of the churches I play at.
I will give my opinion in the comments.
I want your opinions.
Remember, your church is not filled with Kirk Franklin and his choir.
They are more than likely unrhythmic white people.

Are choirs a thing of the past?
Do we have room for them in our churches?
Are they on the comeback?

Sing for me ragamuffins…