I hate lists of 10. So you get 11.

1. Make out often. In front of your kids. And if you don’t have any kids yet…you soon will if you make out often.
2. After you make massive mistakes, let them cuss and throw things at you without an ounce of defense. Then you will know that sticks and stones will break your bones and words will also kick your @**.
3. You won’t always feel it. You won’t always choose it. But fortunately you can rest in it. Say I love you everyday.
4. When you get home from work or play or just being away…spend the first 10 minutes you are at home within 5 feet of your prize. If they get weird-ed out that you are so close to them, you probably need to up it to 10 minutes.
5. French Kiss. Remember that?
6. Your baby will be just fine without you. Take a night away while that kid’s a baby. The hubs needs it.
7. When your heart skips a beat because that fine, sexy, flirty other man/woman looks your way a second longer than normal… Brag to your spouse that you still have it. Then tell them the truth that you liked it. That is a time bomb waiting to go off.
8. Cleavage shots via SMS and packed lunches make all the other cleavage at the office disappear. And if you are a dude and can pull this off… P90X
9. 15 minutes of no tv, no kids, no anything but each other a day.  You will look forward to those 15 minutes all day long.
10. Fight Hard. Fight Fast. Fight Well.
11. Leave the laptop and phone in the car. Your social network’s arms won’t feel nearly as good as the hugs you stop getting from your family.

This has worked for us.
What has worked for you off this list and give us some of your own life lessons!