People come and go in our churches.
Which in all actuality is rather traumatic.
For them.
Not for the church staff of course.
But for the attender.
They grow to love and be a part of our church and then a job, a relationship, or any number of things moves them away.
In all actuality, they are homeless.
And we give them a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the back and wish them well.
Then have have to filter through this in order to find their next home…

I was thinking last night.
When it’s time for Sohaila to move out, I’m not going to pat her on the back and say good luck.
I’m going to freaking search high and low for the best place for her to live and make sure she is set up perfectly in her new spot.

We put so much energy on getting and catching people into our Sunday services…
What happens to them when they leave?
It SHOULD feel like a limb is being ripped off from the local church.
Limb may be too much, maybe a fingernail, but you get it.
But it doesn’t.
This can’t be right.

What has been your experience in LOOKING for a great church home when you were homeless.
How can the church care for those going out as well as those coming in?