We all want it.
There is an entire genre of books and such set aside for it.
And when we don’t get it, have it, or miss it, we head over to Applebee’s and throw down some babyback ribs along with some really cheap beer waiting for it to slowly kill us.

But let’s look at the life of Jesus for a second.
He was passed up by every influential leader of his time.
Every. Single. One.

Jesus did not set out to become an influential leader by getting other influential leaders to fall in love with him.
He set out to see people rescued from the grip of death.
And lives changed was the base of his influence.
Not the words of another.

So while others can surely help you gain influence, that is not the sort of influence you want.
Influence based on lives changed is what you want.
So quit looking for that retweet, that endorsement, that conference slot.
That is not the way Jesus built His influence.

And dare I say that is not the way we should build ours.