We are moving in.
By the time you read this I should be about 45 minutes north of the ATL.
Pulling into Nashville around 11 with my 26′ Budget Truck.
It is filled to the brim.
I hired Omar and his cousin to load it. They did about 75% of it.
Me and the Mrs did the rest.
So now Imma need some arms.
I only post this because so many of you said you would be willing to help.
So here are the deets.

If you are free at all tomorrow 3/28/11 we would love your help.
We’re moving into a “cozy” little condo in Bellevue.
We will start moving in at 9am.
Even if just one shows up it would ease my pain by at least 50%!
Aight internet. Let’s flex and see how we do.
Email me at loswhit@gmail.com if you can help at anytime tomorrow.
We’ll be moving in all day!
Thanks friends!!!

When was the last time you moved?