We were a few minutes early meeting Lomenick and the gang for dinner the night after West wrapped up.
As I got out of the car I saw Laguna Tattoo Shop.
Next thing you know…

I love my wife…

It’s time again.
We have LOTS of tattooed people around these parts.
Take a picture of your tattoo.
Upload the image of your tattoo to our new Ragamuffin Soul Community Tattoo Flickr page(no boobies please. Especially not moobies. :).
I will post the image and spread the digital ink love.
Even the embarrassing ones. Tramp stamps, tribal bands, Tweety Birds.
Let’s see them all!!!
Some entries I am looking for… Perry Noble, and Craig Groeshel.

So. Who’s in?
Go pull out your digital cams.
Upload them to our Flickr Group Page
Or if you don’t have a flickr account you can email them to me at loswhit@gmail.com.
Let’s try and get this post up by Wednesday night.

And the amazing signature idea was all Heather.
It was all Heather.
Now steal it and go sign each other!
You in? What tattoo’s do you have?