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Worship Leading.
It’s a funny thing.
You won’t find it the gifts of the Spirit.
But it is what we label many people who have the microphone for almost half of a Sunday service.
It is what people call me.
It is what I sometimes call myself.
I’d rather people see it as the singing preacher.
Cause I feel like what I am doing is equally as important.
Not just getting people ready to hear the message without melody.
But hearing a message WITH melody.
And there are different ways to do this job.
Different churches do it different ways.

I talk.
I instruct.
I lead.
It rubs some people wrong.
But if I was just singing for 25 minutes a Sunday I would call myself a singer.
And I’m not a singer.
I feel like I have been called to usher people into the presence of God using whatever means I am gifted at. And for me that is art and music.
That is me.
I’m an instructor and a talker and a jumper. I get hired to lead worship for these qualities.
But some churches don’t want their “worship leader” to talk.
Sing the songs.
Sound amazing.
Get off stage.
[The Following Is Strictly Opinion] To be honest. I feel like this is a waste of time.
Just play an mp3 and put lyrics on the screen if that is what you want.
And if you don’t trust your worship leader to say something on the mic…
You probably have the wrong worship leader.
And to say that the pastor should preach the worship leader should sing, in my humble opinion, is ultimately shortsighted.
The prophetic word is missing in so many churches today.
And again, if your worship leader is an idiot, don’t let him say a thing…
And get a new one. 🙂

I understand there are varying degrees of opinion in this matter.
What’s yours?