There is a myth.
A myth that somehow, when you hit your 30’s, and you make a couple of life changing decisions to leave A to head to B and start influencing/singing to lots of people that you are “chasing a dream”.
I admit that I play into that fallacy.
I’ve named posts “Dream This”, “Chase This Dream”, “Dream…blah blah blah”.
These posts mostly hit as I was leaving my full time position at what some would call their “dream job”.
Dream is a funny word.
Dream is the new “ideation”.
It is sexy. It is alluring. It is dangerous.
Not the dreaming per say…But the equating someone else’s definition of a “dream” to you.
We don’t mean to force it on you.
But when people gain the favor of God for a season in life we are quick to label that stage the “chasing dreams stage”.

That. Is. Not. Chasing. A. Dream.
That. Is. Called. Bathing. In. The. Goodness. Of. God.
So when you feel the itch, when you feel the pressing by God to “chase your dream”…
My name should not be the name you enter here…

Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 10.57.07 PM

In a lot of ways it was easy for some of us “dream chasers”.
We would not have jumped had we not had something GRAND waiting on the other side of that ledge.
Like a big bucket of feathers 2 feet below the ledge.

That’s called a curb.  Not a ledge.

But for you, there is a long fall, and a parachute you have never tried to open on your back.

So no.
Don’t look to me nor those whom you probably assume you should.
Head down to your local rehab center and ask them for some of their graduates numbers.
Head to that church of 43 down the street and ask to take their senior pastor to lunch who eats, sleeps, and breathes that community.
Talk to the deadlocked barista at your local Starbucks who has been making your coffee without fail for 2 years and who you know is chasing a dream much bigger than your latte.
Martin Luther King Jr. may have flowed a dream into your ears that gives you goose bumps…
But he died making that dream come true.
He sacrificed his life chasing a dream.
And. It. Happened.

I, my friends, am not chasing a dream.

I say all this not to lessen the blessings and work of myself nor my peers, but I say this so you do not get fooled by the looking glass and realize that dream chasing is a messy, dirty, hard world of tears, screaming, cussing, sweat, and fatigue.
So when you find yourself in the middle of “chasing” your dream…
And you realize that the word “chasing” involves things like sprinting and passing out…

Call me so I can watch and learn.
It’s better that way.