I’m blessed to be able to do what I do. ¬†Invest in the global church as well as the local church.
It is a blessing.
Yet with that blessing comes sacrifice.
Like the end of April and all of May.
There will be a 3 week spot in May where I’m not gonna see my family.
And that is where my mind begins to swim.
Now the beauty of it is that when I’m home, I’m home.
So no 9-5.
No asking for a vacation day.
In the end it is all a wash.¬† They get more of me than they can handle when I’m home.
And the crazy thing is that my family is actually way more adjusted to this lifestyle than I.
I know that many of you travel.
I know that many of your parents did as well.

What are the best practices you found or find for keeping the family close during those crazy travel seasons?