These lovely organizations help me feed my babies.
You checking them out helps them feed their babies.
It’s like that.
Give them some love why don’t you por favor?

Planning Center
I mean c’mon.
The senior pastor hired you to sing. All of a sudden you have to organize.
Planning Center is your new best friend.
Trust me.

First let me tell you about J. Thomas the founder of the Head2Heart Campaign.
Passion runs through his veins and Jesus is what pushes it.
The causes that Head2Heart are after will move your thoughts to your chest as well.
Check them out and think about donating to their organization.

I’ve blogged about these bad boys already. And a few of you have ordered as well.
Their cases are handmade and let’s be honest, you like your Apple products to look good coming out of a good looking case. These are the cat’s pajamas.

316 Networks
I can’t say enough about these guys.
They will take your event from a crowd of 1000 to a crowd of 100,000 if you wish.
No matter the six of your room, 316 Networks will get your event online, on phones, on tvs, on TIME!
They are the best at what they do and trust me, when you drop upstream and hit these guys up your internet streaming will take a huge step up.

Outreach Events.
Need a speaker? Click that square.
The field is saturated with the same voices over and over again.
Outreach has a list of speakers that will shake your speaker lineup up.
Can I say up after lineup? It just looked weird…

BigStuf Media
Give your video guy a break and buy something amazing that will work.
Lanny and his team have put together a great library of resources for your screens.
And they are offering a propresenter bundle.
If you are still using powerpoint, check yourself
Check them out.

Razoo Mission Trip Funding
You all send the letters.
You all have to raise support for your mission trips.
And you get on your knees and pray for the resources to come in.
It’s like kickstarter for your mission trip, without the kickstarter, and only better. 🙂

Compassion International
you all know my heartbeats with Compassion International.
I have seen firsthand the effects of sponsorship.
It’s a no brainier.
Sponsor a kid today.

Give a round of applause to the people who make this blog happen and give them some link love and click love.