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The Glory Of God
He goes right for the knockout with piano and strings.
6/8 time.
I think. With a mix of something else. It is confusing…But I think it is supposed to be. The music is smarter than I.
I love how the piano scales the chords in sets of three.
It’s all so lovely…
Until the pre chorus.
Or chorus. I can’t tell what it is.
But it leaves the lovely stage and gets down right magical.
The timing doubles…The melody rises…which leads you to a good chorus.
Not as good as the pre. But that is ok because the pre rules me…
What the chorus lacks the instrumental more than makes up for.
I hate making comparisons.
But I’m going to make one.
This song sounds very similar to Leeland’s better songs from early in their career.

Let’s get into the lyrics.

There?s a song that is sung by the saints that have come
and have gone from under the sun
Those that are present before your throne
Sing endlessly the glory of God

Let’s be honest…anytime I an think of myself as a Saint…I romance it.
This song quite honestly be one of the thickest songs, lyrically speaking, on the album.
And the pre-chorus makes me want to sprint.
I love it

Bring it Joe. Nice change of pace.
I swear, only someone in the pacific NW could have made this record.
It has Seattle written all over it.
I’m not thinking this is going to work well in any cooperate gatherings I am in. But I’m also not a worship leader for Mars Hill.
It is a beautiful acoustic journey through the scripture and Passover journey.
Now as far as a great listening experience…
It is charming, quaint, and perfectly snick into the middle of the record.

More Joe Day song reviews coming soon.
In the meantime…
Go pick it up here. Listen to the whole thing here…

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