You may or may not know that I was recently a part of a project by the Creative Collective called “Creative Matters”.  It’s the jam.  It’s a free eBook by a bunch of creative leaders and thinkers…and me.  (You can download it here

Well, the Creative Collective is taking the show on the road and the first stop is Phoenix!
On May 11 from 9.00a – 10.30a at Modified Arts (downtown Phoenix), the Creative Collective will host a Creative Meet Up.

It’s a chance for anyone from the Phoenix area who does ANYTHING creative with their life to:
– Make connections with other creative peeps from the area in a way that your 9-5 just doesn’t allow
– Be a part of a Creative Conversation with Promise Tangeman ( and This Brown Bald Panamanian hosted by Jarrett Stevens (
– Invest a little bit of time and a little bit of cash (just $29) to have a totally unique and personal opportunity that a big expensive conference in some other city simply doesn’t allow for.
– Get away for a morning and be inspired by the energy and creativity of being downtown.

The venue is the boomsauce (, but space is really limited, so you might want to register…like now…

I look forward to hanging out with you there.
Let me know if you can make it.
It’s gonna be a ton of fun.

Oh, and if you don’t live in Phoenix, check and see if the collective is coming to YOUR town –