I don’t do album reviews.
Because who am I to tell you if you should buy a record or not?
But then I have my buddy Joe.
Joe ASKS me to review his album.
And to tell the truth.
I was scared.
But here goes nothing.

Death to Life
Let’s get right to the point. This isn’t going to be a high energy, 4 on the floor, super loop tricked out, smoke and haze worship record.
Thank God.
Is it me or did Joe hang out with Paul McCartney on this first track?
The melody is to die for. The piano intro is nasty as well as the drum sounds.
The bridge is my favorite part of the song.
It moves you to the core.
I’m not a fan of when worship leaders go falsetto as Joe does in the 2nd chorus, but mostly because I sound like a wounded walrus when I try to. And most dudes in the church you are leading at won’t pull that off.
Overall the first track pulls you in with slaying lyrics and magical melodies.
I tried to find something I didn’t like about it.
I just couldn’t.

I Look At The Cross
Vocal purity and hip hop beat at the start.
It’s quite a simple song.
And then comes the chorus.
Melodically…I swear Joe is possessed by the early 70’s. It is amazing.
You don’t hear this anywhere in the worship world.
It’s refreshing.
I will say I’m not a fan of the acoustic guitar on this track. It seems to not be consistent with the sound of the song. I would have stuck in a clean electric. But then again, I’m not Joe Day. And that is a good thing.
The song is simple, the theology is correct, and I am going to be singing this song in my church.
With electric guitar of course. 😉

So here is the deal. I’m going to be going over Joe’s record a few songs at a time. So you don’t forget about it. Go pick it up here. Listen to the whole thing here…
Worship leaders…these songs are so refreshing and I PROMISE you you will enter a place of worship listening to these and your people will be better off for singing them.

Who are some undiscovered worship artists out there we should know about?